Kim Kardashian Returns To The High Life


Kim Kardashian Returns To The High Life

‘Kim Kardashian is back!’ – One of these days tabloids ushered with joy. The star of the popular television show of America is preparing to visit a social event for the first time after the birth of her second child. Yesterday, Kim arrived in New York to support the spouse: on Thursday Kanye West will present his new collection at New York Fashion Week.

Kim Kardashian Returns To The High Life

According to sources, Kim will appear at a fashion show in one of the new Kanye creations. In addition, there are rumors that around the socialite and will build all the main theme . ‘All the West collection inspired by his wife, she was his main muse’, – commented on the upcoming shows representatives of the rapper.

Although Kim Kardashian tomorrow’s appearance on the show will be the first public output for a long time, it doesn’t mean that the last two months, she was sitting at home. The press has repeatedly written that Kim is in a deep depression after the birth of her second child, taking futile attempts to lose weight, but she says the opposite.

‘I don’t appear on the red carpet, not because I am in self-imposed exile: with my husband and children, we often go to visit our friends, dine together in restaurants or just walk in the park. If, I don’t post the photos in the Instagram, it doesn’t mean that I’m depressed at home,’- retorted journalists reality TV star.